Beautify Your Balcony on a Budget

Whether you want to enjoy a cuppa after a long day or begin your day with a whiff of fresh air and invigoration yoga, your spot can be the spot for it. Do not make the grave mistake of underestimating the convenience and potential of this spot and turn it into a littered storage where your cat takes a dump occasionally. With the right planning, creative thinking and the right decorative items to back it up you might as well turn your balcony the talk of the town. So, here are some of our tips and tricks to make your balcony the star of your home.

  1. Get the furnishing finished

You can only create yourself a space to relax by having relaxing sitting arrangements. However, we do not recommend going for expensive wooden furniture when you are setting up your outdoor space like the balcony as the direct sunlight and the heavy rains might cause a lot of damage to the wood. Stick to budget friendly furniture made out of hardy materials such as wrought iron or stainless steel. Pretty it up with nice looking cushion covers that are available online for really affordable prices and you will for sure be spoilt for choice.

  1. Put the right lights

Lighting is not just for illuminating the space mind you. Find yourself some exquisite glass lantern and hang them from the ceiling of your balcony. You can obviously for conventional bulbs within the lantern but you can also create a magical effect by using fairy lights instead. All you have to do is get some quality yet inexpensive battery operated fairy lights and put them inside the lanterns so they look like an ethereal glass jar full of fire flies at night. Candles, especially, the scented ones can create a very calming atmosphere. Buy a few glass candle holder and place them on the table with the scented candles within them and light them up whenever you want a spa like experience at home.

  1. Welcome greenery

We understand that it can be quite a struggle for the busy urban dwellers to take good care of a garden but we can assure you that nothing feels more refreshing than greenery growing around you and cleansing the air you breathe. The solution is to look or plants that are super low maintenance and luckily there is a plethora of air purifying plants that can survive even with little care. You can pomp up the look of your balcony by planting these beauties in beautiful golden, copper and bronze coloured planters. This is a very budget friendly way to add some luxury look to your space. Invest in some hanging planters in the same colour family if you do not have enough floor space.

  1. Give your feet a hug from a rug

Rugs not only give a bohemian, beautiful look to your space but also work like a carpet. Get them in a tribal patterns and warm bright colours to add a happy pop of colour to the balcony. You can also use these beauties to practice your morning yoga or spread your legs and play some cards when your friends come over.

So, what are you waiting for? Go shop and transform your balcony NOW!

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