Get best alcohol and red wines in India

If planning for a party, the first thing that strikes mind is alcohol. It is a way that can help to stay cool or just have some quality time with friends while having a sip of your drink. Many people in India are fascinated by it and so try different options. It is very important for anyone to have an idea of what they are drinking and whether it is appealing or not. Today a number of brands are available even in India which is quite popular in terms of taste, quality and also price. So, some of the best alcohol brands in India is as follows:

Ron Zacapa(Rum)

If looking out for sweet rum which is made with some of the fine ingredients, you will find it as the best. The taste on ingredients could be enjoyed in every sip which will take one to a new world of flavors.


This vodka is available in 27 different flavors where each and every variation is just appreciable. Some of them where it is difficult even to think about flavors are Absolut pepper, wild tea, cilantro, etc. Absolut is just prepared from a single source and this makes it different from rest. It is prepared in Sweden and one would really love to have it for different occasions.

Gin Mare(Gin)

It is one of the best gin which comes from Spain and is famous for its flavor. This gin has Mediterranean flavors like rosemary, basil, thyme, olive, mandarin. In all, it has 42.7% alcohol in it.

Vijay Amritraj Reserve(Wine)

People who love to have aromatic wines in India will find it best. It is made from Viognier which is been settled in the barrel to have an aromatic treat.


If you are in Goa and full on party mood at beachside it is one of the best beer in such a situation. It is best to have for the time of day no matter is it is sunny afternoon or sandy beaches.

Red wine is considered one of the best drink which is having a positive effect on the heart. The aroma and taste in every sip can make crazy and increase craving for more. It is important to opt for the best red wine but it is not an easy task especially for beginners. So, below are some of the best red wine brands in India.

Four Seasons Zinzi Red

It is very popular and has a huge follower who loves to have it on different occasions. It is best when planning for a night out with friends and its competitive prize give an option for everyone to afford it. One can accompany it with your favorite dish and thus have some of the best time with friends.

Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz

One looking for unique flavor will find it as best. This wine consists of fruits, spices and most importantly some smokiness that gives it a new flavor. It can be paired with quickie bites and even people prefer fruit with it. It has a fruity taste but the aftertaste is really good which makes it the best drink.

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