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Cloud hosting is an available alternative to hosting websites. This hosting solution is on Cloud and is an alternative to hosting web sites and applications on a single server. This single server hosting is usually either a Dedicated server hosting or a Shared sever hosting service.

Cloud hosting is basically the procuring the computing resources from a Cloud computing environment, which is provided by the Cloud computing service provider. It is the facility to host data, services and similar other solutions. It is an Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS Cloud delivery model. It provides many virtual or remote services. This is hosted on top of an infrastructure of Cloud computing.

Cloud hosting can be considered as an extension of the concept of Clustered hosting service. Cloud is several servers connected to the internet. Here the web sites and applications are hosted on several servers. But Cloud Hosting service provides hosting service on multiple virtual servers. These virtual servers pull their computing resources from physical web servers. It is always an extensive underlying networks of physical web servers.

Cloud hosting is the use of virtual hardware, storage, network and other composite solutions, those are provided by the vendor, that is providing the Cloud hosting service. The entire process of Cloud hosting is activated through the technology of virtualisation. It allows the total computing capacity of a data center or an IT infrastructure to be delivered and distributed among several users, all at a time.

This Cloud hosting service is an extremely flexible service. The users are free to scale the service for the additional computing resources at will, depending on their business requirements. They can tap into their services as much and as many times they want to. This is a huge way of cost saving, as the users use “Pay per Use” model of payments. The clients need to make their payments for only that much computing resources, as they have used. The clients need not make any payment for those additional capacity, which are provided to them by the service provider, but they do not need them, since the clients can access the computing resources at any time they want.

How does Cloud Hosting Work?

There is no physical object in the Cloud. It is more or less an electronic structure. Data is stored in this structure. This storage is over many different computers and is served through a network connectivity, primarily over the internet.

The Cloud hosting server farms act as a processor and a large space for storage. The real data of web sites is spread over a cluster of hard drives. These hard drives are connected with each other. It acts as a large virtual disk. This virtual disk has unbelievable capacity. These cluster of servers can provide a set up of Cloud. It can enable literally unlimited machines to run. This is a scalable methodology.

Each server in the Cloud carries out a particular set of tasks. If that server fails to work, another server in the Cloud just kicks in as a back up. It provides the necessary resources. It manages overload conditions in similar fashion.

What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

Managed Cloud hosting is a process. Here the business organisations share and access the resources. The resources include hardware, data bases and software tools. This sharing and accessing is done through multiple servers, situated in other remote locations.

Managed Cloud hosting allows the purchase of virtual servers. It is completely secured and is consistently available. It is as secured as a Private Cloud but costs as much as a Public Cloud. It provides automated load balancing in failovers. Managed Cloud hosting creates ahybrid of virtual and physical servers and is extremely affordable.

Managed Cloud Hosting Solution Provider-

Cyfuture is the best managed Cloud hosting solution provider, as it provides the best managed Cloud hosting solution to its clients, at a very affordable price.

Managed Infrastructure as a Service-

Infrastructure as a Service is a model of Cloud computing service. It provides computing resources, those are virtualised to the users, over the internet. Infrastructure as a Service is one of the three main categories of Cloud computing service, with Software as a Service and Platform as a Service.

A Managed Cloud server with Infrastructure as a Service, has deployment and management of operating system, monitoring and necessary action at the time of an event, patching and security, services for back up and restoration, services for storage and disaster recovery, providing limited access to the operating system, that can be also called as controlled access, SLAs or service level agreements based on Operating Systems.

Cyfuture is one of the leading most providers of Managed Cloud hosting service and Managed Infrastructure as a Service Cloud computing model to its customers, at a very reasonable price.

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