Say Hello to Beautiful Hair with These Tips

Not only for girls but for boys also, loss of hair is a nightmare. It becomes very hard to avoid dryness and damage when we start treating our hair as a science experiment lab. Our hair strand is made up of three layers which consist of an inner layer called medulla, which is surrounded by the middle layer, the cortex. The outer layer is called cuticle that protects our hair but when it is damaged our hair becomes dry and brittle. All of the chemical we use, hair coloring and the pollution combined to result in the damaged hair. Here are some of the causes and tips to repair damaged hair which we are going to discuss here:

Before going to the fixes, let’s look at some of the causes:

  • Bleaching and hair coloring

When we bleach or color our hair, it forces your cuticles to open and remove the pigment from your hair. These damaged cuticles lead to weak and prone to breaking and split ends. Hair coloring may seem harmless to the hair but the chemical present in these are very harmful to the scalp which when exposed more will cause more and more damage to the hair.

  • Over-brushing

This might be a shocking cause to some people but the fact is that the over brushing of hair can cause hair damage and hair loss as well. The brush will snag at the knots and this cause breakage and split ends. The use of cheap quality combs will also lead to same.

  • Hairstyling

Hair styling is also one of key cause for hair damage. Whether it is curling, using extensions, tight ponytails or braids, they lead to hair loss. You can deal with these problems with the help of ketomac shampoo hair loss products.

Now looking at some of the tips:

  1. Identify early and repair damaged hair

It is necessary to see the damaged hair as soon as possible. With the right care, you can get the nourishment for your hair back and they will be as beautiful as before.

  1. Trim hair ends which are damaged

If you notice a straw-like texture and before restoring your hair, you need to trim your hair. You do not have to compromise on your hair length but get the trim from the layers which will be very helpful. Try to have good scissors for your hair at the saloon.

  1. Avoid hot styling tools

All the hot styling are causing so much damage to your hair that you need to get rid of them if you are on the way of restoring the damaged hair. Let your hair dry out naturally and still if you find the need of blow dry then use at the low temperature or at cool settings.

  1. Say no to bleach and hair colors

As mentioned above, all these chemical ridden substances are very harmful to your hair health so you need to be miles away from these products. Be steer clear of these products and give your hair the natural bath in order to restore from damage.

Have happy and healthy hair!

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