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QuickBooks Point of Sale Not Able To Read Credit Cards – How to Fix?

One of the leading providers of bookkeeping services for companies and individuals alike is the QuickBooks Suite of Accounting solutions. This software focuses on areas like maintenance of financial accounts for Customers and organizations, Sales support, Payroll processing, Point Of Sale support and associated operations.

The Point of Sale feature is aimed at simplifying merchant transactions and facilitating hassle-free payments. Whenever issues are encountered while using QuickBooks services, the first place to go to is the QuickBooks Support guide. The following document discusses issues related to credit card processing in a QuickBooks POS device and suggests ways to troubleshoot such issues.

What is the point of sale device?

Point of Sale devices is mini-computer like devices that you see in the billing counters of supermarkets, stores, and other similar places. The device is integrated with the payments server. The server handles transactions online and reconciles the data with the bank accounts in real time. QuickBooks provides server and client workstation support to handle Point of Sale operations.

The Point of Sale billing system accepts payments in several modes. One such payment mode is Credit card payment. There are several occasions where a credit card transaction may fail because of failure to read the credit card data. It is Important that the user first goes through this Online guide to troubleshoot the issue. The user has the option to contact QuickBooks Customer Care as well.

How does a QuickBooks Point of Sale device read Credit Cards?

When the credit card is scanned by the QuickBooks Point of Sale device, the card information in its magnetic surface is read by the QuickBooks Point of Sale device. The obtained user credentials are then verified by sending the details to the payment server. Once the verification is done, the amount of purchase is deducted from the account and the payment bill is generated.

Common reasons why QuickBooks POS is not able to read Credit Cards?

  • Issues with the POS device.
  • Network connectivity is either unreliable or not available.
  • The payment gateway is down. This is a very rare occurrence.
  • The user credentials entered are invalid.
  • The merchant code is incorrect.
  • The merchant account is not verified or recognized.
  • The transactions are not possible for the card type.
  • The card type is not supported by the POS device.


How to resolve QuickBooks Credit Card reading related issues?

  1. Verify if the card is a valid one. Check if it contains the card company logo and user information.
  2. Verify if the card is not expired.
  3. Ensure that the POS device is connected to a reliable network.
  4. Ensure that the network connectivity is on.
  5. Try swiping the card at a different POS terminal to check if the issue is with the card or with the POS device.
  6. Try swiping another credit card to check if the POS device is working.
  7. Switch to a different payment processing service (if available) and check if the card is successfully read.
  8. If manual entry of user credentials is supported by the device, try entering the details manually and check if the credit card is read successfully.
  9. Clear temporary internet files. Reinitiate the transaction and check.
  10. If there are issues with the configuration of the merchant account, check if the merchant account is able to process the card type. Go to Account > Account Profile in the Merchant Service center and check if the card type is supported.

Even after trying the above solutions, if errors still exist, it is best to not waste time and contact QuickBooks customer care immediately. Call the QuickBooks Helpline Number 1-888-986-7735 and take complete assistance is rectifying the issues.