Wearing Jewelry in the Workplace: How to Pull it Off

It is not surprising to think that wearing jewelry can increase one’s level of fashion sense, especially when in the workplace. Through earrings, necklaces, rings, or any other accessories, the wearer won’t only look presentable, but would also further exude one’s overall appearance. Indeed, an employee who wears the right kind of jewelry in addition to going to work in the most appropriate dress and makeup can bring forth one’s confidence to perform tasks and deal with other people in the workplace.

However, what counts as the best jewelry to wear would depend on the type of work environment and the workplace culture. On one hand, the corporate setting, which can be sometimes demanding and tense, would require using jewelry that does not dominate the overall appearance of the wearer. In other words, jewelry pieces should be as simple yet modish as possible, but still worth noticing and complimenting about. On the other hand, a workplace that has a laid-back setting would require wearing jewelry pieces that provide a slightly higher level of stylish exuberance for the wearer that would definitely catch the attention of others.

But then, there is the average workplace setting, which is neither strict nor relaxed; just in the middle of the two opposites. Jewelry in this type of environment, however, would depend on how clients and/or customers view the overall culture of the work setting. But then, it all boils down to how employees are able to distinguish which jewelry is appropriate in such a setting.

In any workplace setting, there are certain considerations when looking for the ideal jewelry to wear, and here are some of them:

  • In buying work jewelry, the wearer must invest on the essential ones – Building a jewelry set would involve buying accessories that would be considered staples. In other words, such pieces of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and others are those that can be used now and in the near future. Quality should be of great importance in that regard. You may want to invest on quality brands if you want to have a more appealing and sophisticated look.
  • Less is better and elegant – Every wearer must realize this when wearing jewelry at work. Simple women wrist watch will always do the trick. One cannot afford to cause any distractions while performing tasks or meeting with other people in the workplace just because the wearer wears too much jewelry pieces or wears those as if attending
  • The jewelry pieces that are worn for work must be simple – By default, simple jewelry is the best in any work setting. Indeed, the simpler the jewelry piece, the easier it is to go well with the workplace attire and its colors without any conflicts. In fact, such accessories would further accentuate the wearer’s attire. Almost any jewelry brand has set of jewelry and accessory items with simple yet elegant designs, and you may want to get a pair or two for your collection.
  • Work jewelry must be the right design, color, and shape – In a typical work setting, metallic jewelry such as gold, titanium, silver, and platinum would be enough, as long as there is little to no detail to it. Black, white, or brown color of jewelry is also the best, but depending on the season, the color red and yellow may be present on the pieces. Going for round, oval, and square-shaped accessories is also important, as heart- or star-shaped ones may not be suited for the work setting.

Wearing items like elegant women wrist watch in the workplace is good as it promotes a sense of sophistication and professionalism, but you should never overdo it. Keep in mind that you are in your company to accomplish your work duties and not to do ramp modeling.

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